Early Sunday Morning

36 hours to departure! The case is packed – may be just over the 30kg but I have got everything in that I wanted to in terms of resources plus one or two lovely things I’ve been given in the last day or so, including a sweet little bear from my friend Janet, who will be my mascot. All I have to do now is leave the house looking tidy and organised for the cats to be looked after in my absence – oh yes, and find sn hour or so to plant all the bulbs I brought back from Holland, as they need to get going before we get any frosts – that means the greenhouse also needs to have its frost-stat reinstated and things like the Olive trees and mimosa lifted into there. Let’s hope it’s fine in the morning! Apparently Kathmandu is expecting a general strike on Tuesday – the day we arrive – and there may be no taxis or any other public transport. Great! It’s the Maoists, who like to stir up trouble from time to time, but usually nothing more serious that untold delays and more electricity cuts than usual. Could be an interesting first day in Nepal …


2 Responses to “Early Sunday Morning”

  1. anne from finland Says:

    Hi Margaret, I think you have quite an adventure to wait for!!!! I can hardly wait to get more news from you! Have a nice trip!

  2. Nick Says:

    Hi Mum!
    Good to hear you arrived safely in the hotel, and look forward to following your adventures!! Take great care of yourself xxx

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