Final Day at Samata

I can’t quite believe that we have had our final day at Samata. Yesterday was totally frenetic from start to finish with the beginning of the day being hi-jacked by Taiwan TV

Taiwan TV in full swing with speeches and presentations to Uttam

who had arrived with various important personages to honour Uttam with an award for his humanitarian work with children and young people. Apparently Prince Charles was given the same award some years ago.. The TV crew stayed most of the morning, occupying the volunteers room and the library which totally messed up what I had planned to do with 8a. So, swift change of plan and a re-think as to what I could do without the resources –  now inaccessible behind cameras, booms, lighting equipment etc etc. It was a very frustrating day in many ways as Basu wasn’t well and the Class 9 students are aware that we are leaving and were wanting to resolve all sorts of issues around the book and the competition. Sadly I didn’t have any concrete answers as I was meeting with the printers that evening. The good news is that I now know it is all going to go ahead. It will cost about £150 to have 500 copies printed, which by our standards is pe

Mary and Janice receiving their gifts from Binod

anuts. I just have to have it all sorted and ready to go through at a final proof reading meeting on Monday morning – so no pressure!

 Today was equally frenetic in a different way. Last lessons with each class – every child given a pencil and rubber and all their written work returned marked. They have worked so hard and improved greatly in their written English. I’m very proud of them. There was supposed to be a final ‘assembly’ and presentation this afternoon with Suchil’s dancers and musicians giving us a short programme of what they did in the competition last week. In return our little ones were to perform their action songs with the puppets etc for them. Sadly the whole sound system packed up nd so there was no musical accompaniment for the dancers and musicians and the little ones couldn’t be heard beyond the first few rows of children. We were very disappointed but they were very philosophical – it happens all the time! So very sad farewells at the end of the day. I felt very tearful. We had asked Binod for feedback from the staff about how useful they felt we had been and we were surprised at what they felt they had picked up. I was much more aware from Basu and Gopi as they have been giving me feedback all along but Janice and Mary, whose teachers have so little English felt much less sure, and were delighted to have such positive feedback of what they have been doing. We each had to make a short speech on stage and were presented with another white scarf and mall gifts – see picture – to say thank you for our time at the school.  Very touching – they will be treasured.

We are all absolutely bushed tonight and plan to have a very quiet weekend doing final shopping and seeing bits of Kathmandu, including the monkey temple, which have eluded us so far. And so to bed – and hopefully a good night’s sleep!


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