Friday – first day working in school.

Tonight we are all shattered!  The idea was that we would spend today observing the teachers at work and not actually contributing ourselves.  The reality was somewhat different!  Yesterday I thought that I had identified 2 or 3 of the senior school teachers who seemed to be more open to change, and that if i was to work wth the 12 – 15 year olds, these would be the best      staff to work with.  What I realised this morning  after discussion with one of the staff was that the same teachers do not come in to school every day – they work at other schools as well – often because their salaries here are less than in Government schools.  Uttam runs this school on the basis of 100 rupees per child per month – about £1. Most other schools would charge at least 1000 rupees.  His philosophy of education for all means that it has to be affordable, and this is all they can afford.  Whilst he gets quite a bit of funding from various sponsors there are also the running costs, books etc and so slaries are a big drain on the funding. Many of the teachers support is ideals wholeheartedly, but also cannot afford to work there all the time.  All very understandable, but it made our first hour or so chaoitic whilst we re-thought where we might work – and who with – on a Friday.  I was fortunate that two of the three I had identified were there today and vey keen for some help.  However ….. there was no way I was going to avoid interacting with the class until Monday!  It all seemed to go pretty well and after one of the lessons I was able to talk at some length to Gopi – a lovely young man with a Master’s degree, who is very open to change, to improving his own spoken English and wants to see far more modern teaching methods being used in school, within the limitations of the accomodation and current resources.  I have managed to negotiate that I will spend the mornings with him, in two different Y7 and Y8 classes, and the afternoons with Busam – another man – with Y8, and a sesssion with the 4/5 year olds doing some music.  In theory this should work well – half the time I will be taking the whole class of 45 – 55 and the rest of the time withdrawing groups of about 8 for conversation, guided reading and free-writing.

It was all in all a very successful day, with many questions answered and I felt pleased that these two men will be able to make good use of the English resources donated by Leyes School.  I feel sure that the nursery class will also have great fun with the music resources I bought.  We returned to a meeting with Social Tours who wanted feedback from the placements and who have arranged our day’s trip to the Kathmandu valley and various temples etc tomorrow.  I can’t believe we’ve only been here for three days.  We feel as though we know our way around this part of the city – have found short cuts to Pilgrims bookshop where you can buy almost anything, including wonderful things to eat in their cafe!!  It may well become a meeting point at the end of the day.  It sems to have been set up in the sixties and still has a very hippy-ish feel about it!


One Response to “Friday – first day working in school.”

  1. Chris Hawthorne Says:

    Hi Meg,
    Saturday morning… off to M/c in 20 minutes. I’ve printed off your blogs to date so will take them for mum.

    We saw ‘Mr Brown’ yesterday – the new Michael Caine film. Very dark literally & metaphorically. An old man on a vile London estate who loses his friend to the local yobbish hoodies and seeks revenge. Well acted, but raising difficult moral questions about revenge.

    You sound as though you are having fun now as you get stuck in. I suspect the teaching staff need as much INSET as the pupils need lessons.

    Very widy & wet here. Temperature dropping.

    England beat Sout Africa in a one day twenty/20 cricket match (a fluke but it happened). Are any of your colleagues sports fans?

    Obamah struggling over whether to send more troops to Afghanistan. Labour won a by-election in Glasgow. That’s pretty much the news here.

    Take care and enjoy.


    Chris X

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