Monday and Tuesday Nov 23/24 – struck down by Delhi Belly!!

The beautiful Solanaceae - Angel's Trumpet - tree growing in the gardens

I suppose it was inevitable that one of us would come down with Delhi Belly sooner or later and, as luck would have it, it was me!  I knew that treating myself to the cheesecake was an indulgence, and I’ve paid for it.  Half way through Sunday evening’s meal I began to get terrific cramps in my stomach and for the last twenty four hours  I have felt very rough.  So no school yesterday or today, but at least I have been able to sit in bed and mark these wretched essays very thoroughly. This morning I was sitting in the garden of the hotel reading quietly when all of a sudden there were armed guards appearing from every direction and stationing themselves around each entrance. The main ‘banqueting suite’ – a rather euphemistic term for the best dining room – leads off the formal gardens and when I went into reception to enquire what was happening i was told that the Prime Minister, Madhav Kumar Nepal was about to arrive to have lunch and make an important speech about the passing of the budget.  I retreated back to the garden and was politely moved to a corner where I was more or less out of sight.  On one of my many trips to the loo about half an hour later I was crossing the main lobby as he arrived and with typical Nepali politeness he said ‘Namaste’ and we exchanged the traditional Hindu greeting of hands together as in prayer.  So ….. that was my bit of excitement for today.  I really hope to be back on form tomorrow as I have a programme of work for this week planned, and although I sent it in with Mary yesterday I doubt very much that Basu or Gopi will have started it without me.


2 Responses to “Monday and Tuesday Nov 23/24 – struck down by Delhi Belly!!”

  1. anne from finland Says:

    Poor Margaret! I hope you are soon better again!

  2. Keith and Mary Says:

    Do hope you are feeling so much better by now ! At least you have the snshine in which to recover. God bless you.

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